T&C for artists. Submit your music here!

Before you do anything, please read: BTW What’s Newmusic.fm? After doing that, come back here! Simply accept our T&C in two easy ways: Either you tap twice on our T&C print document, initial each page, sign and send back by regular mail or fax to us, or simply you give us the rights to offer your music by checking the box below.

Remember to always read the document before agreeing. If you change your mind later, or other opportunities arise, just simply send us an email to jefe@newmusic.fm and we’ll remove you from our catalog until you decide to return to Newmusic.fm.

Accept our T&C and we will offer your songs for licensing in a legal and professional way. Don’t worry! We are very fair and you, as an Artist, you will keep all rights and can leave anytime. Thou, why would you cut your chances to make some extra bucks!

Simply type over and fill out the boxes with the name of the band or Artist, song and a valid email. Make sure your info matches with Soundcloud’s song that you submitted previously. This is very important so we can identify your song or songs in Soundcloud.com
Remember that, if you take a song down from Soundcloud, we won’t be able to play it at Newmusic.fm and therefore it won’t be offered when we pitch music. We will send an acknowledgement email to let you know it’s all good and positioned to make money!.

Fill out the form below and check the box to accept the T&C. If you would like to submit a second song, just repeat the process.

Newmusic.fm LLC

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