Rate card

Newmusic.Fm licenses songs for all purposes with reasonable rates. Incomes are split 50 50 with the artists.
Usage and rates are per song and for defined markets and/or usage of it.
Local, regional and national are defined by market coverage and or licensor’s origin and reach.

These are the rates for licensing songs. Fees are per type of media, per say Radio or Internet or TV. Rates are per 15 seconds of song:

Non-profit small Institution $ 120
Non-profit large Institution $ 500
Commercial small Llc $ 500
Commercial large Llc $ 1500

Non-profit small Institution $ 300
Non-profit large Institution $ 900
Commercial small Llc $ 850
Commercial large Llc $ 2000

Non-profit small Institution: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm
Non-profit large Institution: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm
Commercial small Corporation: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm
Commercial large Corporation: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm

Online and mobile small markets: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm
Online and mobile global markets: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm

Satellite radio: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm

Movies (Indies and major Studios), Tv series rate: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm

Commercials, video games and International markets, email us @ jefe@newmusic.fm
and we’ll call you with a quote.

Film school, school project and local film Festival. Non-profit status
$ 75

Local cable operators and Community TV: E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm

All media rate: Guess what? E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm

After choosing a song, email us with your license requirements and we’ll get you an agreement!.

Additional questions?
E-mail us @ jefe@newmusic.fm

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