Need music for licensing purposes?

Our clients:

Our core business is very simple. Bring the best independent music at a very clear rate for your business. You need music, we have it. has pre-cleared indie artists ready to license their songs. We listen to hundreds of songs every month and preselect the ones we believe are easier to be plugged in content!.

Synchronization license has never been this easy and fair! Go to and search by keyword or music category. In our catalog find the music to fit your project. Also, we can do a free consultation with your needs, helping your business pick the right sound for your work or project. selects music while working with booking agents, producers, sound engineers, publicists and with artists (of course!). We are not massive, but an online music licensing boutique. You will need to interact with us. Our song licensed process is not automatic, it requires an exchange of emails and maybe a “real” voice conversation!. connects music content buyers, from Ad Agencies, local TV stations to film Studios. When you search for independent publishers, is your integrated solution. We sign artist directly and share 50% of the revenue with them, all music is cleared and ready to be used on your project. One call and solution. That’s Always flat rates, no surprises or extras. Your licensed song is ready for your movie with only one call!. Also, gives you the chance to secure a batch of great songs for your needs.

We go by a Terms & conditions for businesses using music.

After choosing the song, just email back with the song you want and we’ll send you an agreement.

We will lock the song for you. Then, get the agreement via email and after payment its made, the song is ready for your project.

Get the song you want and email us @, give us the name of song/artist/category of song. We will reply with an agreement, mail it back and we are done! It’s that simple!

Always add our email while looking for music. If you can’t find a song in our current catalog, we will be glad to suggest music free of charge. Our main business is to find music for your project. We work with hundreds of indie artists, unsigned musicians and all with pre cleared songs, meaning no surprises or extra work for you. brings you an integral solution. Music supervisors were never this happy! We solve part of their efforts while finding songs everywhere and then find who owns what! With everything is ready to go! Artists already gave legal consent so the song could be on your project without delays.

Newmusic.Fm offers also the possibility to license by stems, according previously with artist. Also, songs can be offered to other artists in exclusive agreements with the composer’s rights.

Still have questions, email the boss at

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