For artists

We are here to  teach you about music law. After understanding how complicated it is, decided to try something new, where the artist is in control, gets an income from his music and learns about the process of licensing music. works with independent artists that own the full rights of their music.

Our job is to be out there offering your music and pursuing licensing opportunities for your benefit. At we are always looking to promote our business meaning more exposure for you! Every time you have new songs, let us know, we will find it on Soundcloud, add it to our catalog and pitch it for you!  We are here to assist you build a long and successful music career, sharing efforts.   All done in a clear and fair way, where artists keep their music rights, their ability to license their music to anyone, in a new way to be discovered. All done at no cost to the artist . Our catalog has only original music, owned by the artist. After you sign the T&C you let find licensing deals for you, right here in the Pacific Northwest,  in Hollywood, and around the world. Any questions just email us @

Our T&C is located here  We highly advise you to read it carefully and with a Lawyer if possible. Things are very transparent, we are here to provide you with a clear way to license your song and to help you make some money.

This is what to expect for Artists: After your music is uploaded to our site, we will license it in every possible way. Your song could be synchronized on movies and commercials, corporate media, video games, record labels and other ways.
Your music could be listened around the globe!

There are a few steps to follow in order to work with us:

1. Your music needs to be copyrighted. This is the first step for any professional musician. First step: Go to  If you have multiple songs, it’s more economically to copyright them in one batch. Everything can be done online. Check their office for more info.

2. You need to open up a free account with Soundcloud and upload your songs. This will allow us to link your music there to our catalog. After that, you will need to accept’s Terms & Conditions here:  If you don’t hear from us after you accept our T&C, just send us an email @ and let us know that your song is ready to be offered. In this email, please include the name of your band and the name of the song/s. You can submit many songs, one at a time.

3. Our terms and conditions are a fair and squared legal paper, done by Steve Gordon, and entertainment attorney based in New York with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We need to have the T&C accepted in order to start business, remember that you are giving us legal permission to negotiate the licensing of your song under the rate card published.

4. Different businesses and Non profit organizations (NGO’s) will go over’s online catalog and could choose your song. After the song is licensed, you will make 50% of income, after expenses. This is based on the rate card, we will always be on your side in order to maximize the extent of the license deal for your work piece. Your music will be negotiated for a specific rate and in case the client (music buyer)  wants to use it for a different purpose or for different purposes, this will be negotiated in a different agreement.

A reminder that, you control and own 100% of music rights and master.  We only negotiate your music for licensing purposes under our T&C. works as an additional tool for you and it’s here to help you generate an additional income. Another reminder, you are welcome (and we encourage you) to have your music with other online catalogs for the same purposes, extending your chances to get your songs out there.

Your music will be also promoted on’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterest’s accounts. You should tell your friends about this!

If you still have questions/doubts just email us at

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