As an artist, how much do I have to pay?  How do I sign up?
It’s free for artists to sign up with us. Simply accept our Terms and Conditions here https://newmusic.fm/terms-and-conditions-2/ and we are ready to offer your song to potential clients for licensing purposes. When accepting our terms and conditions, you are agreeing with the conditions and giving Newmusic.fm the right to offer your song and negotiate rates according to the published card.

What happens after my song is included in your catalog?
We search for folks interested in licensing your work. Your song will be licensed by the rate card published online. Newmusic.fm will give you 50% of that rate amount. See our T&C for details. Your payment will be electronically sent through Paypal within the terms accepted in our T&C, however, we will attempt to pay you as soon as the funds are available and ready to be wired.

Are your Terms and Conditions fair?
The law firm we hired has over 15 years of experience providing music legal services and expertise in licensing and contracts, working with major companies such as MTV, Music Choice, Sony Music, Time Life Films and Microsoft among others.
We believe terms are fair and pretty easy to understand, however, if you are serious in the music industry, you need to hire a lawyer, with experience in licensing, in order to get the best possible returns to your efforts. Newmusic.fm will share 50% of the licensing fees and we will pay you as soon as we can.

Where are you based?
The company, Newmusic.fm LLc is based in Portland, Oregon. We have agents and partners working around the world.
Our founder, PZ, lives between Portland and Baja, in Mexico. Also, he constantly looks for new licensors and parties interested in licensing songs from independent artists.

Why are you guys better than other companies while doing the same thing, with more songs in their catalogs?.
First, We are better because we care for people and consider profits a miracle. We want to have fun, and make this business a Club for many, where artists have fun and make some money, promoting their music between commercials, film productions and documentaries. Your song can work with mixed media, and other art forms.
Profits are important for an effective business operation, though, profits are not incentives. We operate on a very simple basis, so our overhead its low. All benefits go for both sides, the artist and the licensor and its user. We agree to a non exclusive agreement meaning that you can walk away anytime. Also, you can license and use your song anytime, we are not exclusive. Newmusic.fm believes artists are in the driving seat with today’s technology and communication advances. There are plenty of tools to let artists work at their own pace and be successful in different ways and places.

If you are under 18 years of age, you need a parent or guardian to sign our terms and conditions.

Please email us at info@newmusic.fm for further information. No question is small when it comes to your rights as an Artist.

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