BTW, What’s ? is a music boutique marketer. Your business needs music. We search through thousands of songs for you, find the most appropriate for your project and bring it to you directly. We license music. provides pre-cleared music from independent artists. Our songs have already been pre-negotiated for price, distribution and legal use, ready to be licensed. We took care of all legal aspects and the song can be licensed around the world. also provides synchronized licensing for feature films, documentaries, video, television (commercials and programming), Internet sites, events, corporate, and video games among other licensing possibilities.

We are truly the 99% left in music from around the world! There is a lot of music out there, a lot more than you think! And we spend lots of hours playing music so you can get the right song for your needs. was conceived and created for independent artists. Based in Portland, Oregon, and located in the beautiful, green Pacific Northwest of the United States, the city of Portland is situated approximately 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean where the Columbia meets the Willamette River. Under an incredible setting, combining lush waterways with astounding greenery, Portland is considered the second greenest city in the world. Also, Portland boasts one of the most fertile music scenes in the country.

cropped-newmusic-logo-en-pirulen.png brings you the 99% remaining in the Universe, music to discover from the Pacific Northwest and around the world!

All that great music that your friends and family play, the local band that you love so much and more. Leaving the 99% of other music sites with the 1% of songs that seem to be available these days.

We bring the music in from independent artists, and we put it out there! finds music buyers so those songs can be licensed on commercials, movies, tv shows, games and in many other commercial ways, giving the artist the chance to make some honest and fair dough.

Why we are after the best of independent music? Because we want to help artists by giving them one more tool in their marketing arsenal, find license agreements for them, help them make an income, and have their songs played around the world.

We are always looking for new licensors, mainly from the Pacific Northwest. We will gladly consider sub-publishers deals!

Any questions please contact:

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  1. @
    I’m a singer
    How can I sign up? Is it free?
    Thanks a lot!
    Simon L.
    I have 4 songs

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