Lock and load by Jeff Whitcher

Subdued, military tension crafted with processed percussion, a dark synth pad, ostinato strings, and a dramatic brass motif. Danger looms so prepare for a hostile engagement. The team assembles their gear and covertly moves into position.Mild military tension before the big action: move into position get ready prepare for war conflict under cover quiet cautious surround the compound flank.Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, Special Forces, Black Ops, stealth, sneaky, sneaking, quiet, careful, dangerous, surveillance, survey, prepare for battle, load the weapons, hunter, hunting, night vision, secret, mission, Green Berets, Navy Seals, Sean Callery, Blake Neely, The Unit, Jason Bourne, John Powell, Bourne Identity, rogue, hitman, assassin, take down, take over, guns, explosives, team, compound, classified, security, top secret, camouflage, silencers, machine guns, scope, binoculars, documentary, promo, web series, prime time, television, TV, film, movie, trailer, underscore, suspense, tense, edgy, edge of your seat, training, kill squad, elite, warrior, aliens, robots, machines, battle prep, cable, bomb squad, hostage situation, hostage rescue, kidnapping, gorilla warfare, jungle, predator, terminator, CIA, MI5, MI6, 24, NCIS. Apprehensive, Careful, Confident, Dangerous, Dark, Determined, Dramatic, Escalating, Foreboding, Intense, Mysterious, Ominous, Pulsating, Repetitive, Rhythmic, Strong, Suspenseful, Suspicious, Tension, Thrilling.Action Thriller, Documentary, Dramatic Soundtrack, Fighting, Film Instrumental, Military, Movie Trailer, Sci-Fi / Aliens, Sci-Fi / Robots, TV Instrumental.Medium 105 DM Instrumental, drums, horns, percussion, strings, synthesizer.

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