Endless Lines Of Code by Jeff Whitcher

Modern electronica underscore comprised of sound designed, subdued percussion, intriguing synths and samples, and a mysterious melody. This cue crafts mystery and mild tension as we race against the clock to penetrate the security measures and download encrypted data. Covert operation using tech.

crime criminal minds electronic suspense detective lab pollution toxic secret bed homicide forensics light medium tension pulsating bass deep investigation spy

Sean Callery, Mac Quayle, Cliff Martinez, Mr. Robot, downloading, hackers, hacking, computers, espionage, firewall, BBC, ad campaign, commercial, film, movie, TV, mr robot, cable, reality program, show, Netflix, Mr Robot, vexing, case, deduce, work, fingerprints, clues, evidence, scientific, thinking, planning, puzzling, introspection, A&E, FX Network, cable, investigative, journalism, enigma, puzzle, pieces, riddle, deduction, DNA, case, crack, solving, solved, kidnapping, perplexed, perplexing, deciphering, decrypting, decryption, CSI, NCIS, True Detective, police, cop, criminal, investigate, hunt, law, cyber, suspicious, pondering, hypnotic, science, abstract, medical, medicine, lawyers, diagnosis, forensic, solution, Blake Neely, House, MD, M. D., hospital, laboratory, fibers, hairs, samples, cure, solution, research, pathology, coroner, doctors, blood, tissues, fluids, The Knick, Tangerine Dream, modern, creepy, hackers, hacking, downloading

Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer

Abstract, Apprehensive, Atmospheric, Bizarre, Cautious, Cold, Confused, Creepy, Dramatic, Droning, Foreboding, Hypnotic, Inquisitive, Mysterious, Pensive, Pulsating, Serious, Strange, Suspenseful, Tension

Action Thriller, Crime in Progress, Espionage, Film Instrumental, Law & Crime, Medical Drama, Mystery, News / Investigative, Psychological Thriller, TV Instrumental

Action, crime music CSI, Med slow , 82,


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