Gloobdabuke by Jeff Whitcher

Electronic Music Electropop
Chill-out pop with a hip hop groove, this sultry track drips with sass and seduction. Crafted with an edgy bass groove, funky drums and percussion, and flirtatious synth melodies, this sexy tune could underscore a model’s strut down the catwalk, a covert bank heist, or a stylish ad campaign.
erotic seducing love scene gorgeous black widow sleek style impressive elegant prime nasty naughty thrilling sneaky sneaking grooving groovy attitude panache
sensual, alluring, exotic, hooking up, teasing, stripping, strip tease, striptease, fashion, designer, model, mannequin, beauty, dancer, love, desire, cosmetic, sunset, sunrise, dreamy, hypnotic, star, famous, luxurious, extremely, comfortable, elegant, enjoyable, moonlight, romantic, proud, self confident, classy, glamorous, passion, passionate, mystery, landscapes, mysterious, romance, esprit, lounge, new moon, vampire, twilight, landscapes, moonlight, cafe, lounge, restaurants, club, bar, twilight, no worries, successful, bold, determined, spirited, sports, energetic, rich, limo, cruising, making love, sensuous, silk, sheets, drama, tension, confidence, lifestyle, high heels, stockings, leather, lace, seductress, femme fatale, provocative, arousing, arousal, suggestive, steamy, spicy, slinky, risquŽ, breaking and entering, downloading, cool, audacious, daring, resolute, planning, stealing, sleuth Medium 101 Instrumental
Drums, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Alluring, Bitchy, Bold, Confident, Cool, Dangerous, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, Edgy, Frisky, Funky, Groovy, Horny, Sensual, Sexy, Smokey, Suggestive, Suspenseful, Wicked
Chase Scene, Commercial / Promo, Crime in Progress, Fashion Show, Film Instrumental, Law & Crime, Movie Trailer, News / Energize, Radio Production, TV Instrumental

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