Floating on molecules by Jeff Whitcher

Corporate Corporate Ambient
Lush strings and warm pads support a tender, delicate motif that comforts the listener and flows with an emotional gentleness. The sublime rhythm, driven by the uplifting percussion, moves the track along its heartfelt path. Today is a beautiful day to buy a new automobile. Let’s go together.
ad campaign new car commercial new product advertisement promotional promo radio commercial easy listening retreat declutter father and son mom
couples, relationships, loving, sunset, sunrise, horizon, beauty, gold fields, country farms, birds, drifting, traveling, trains, touching, spring, well, spa, relaxation, meditation, feeling good, paradise, heaven, sensational, hills, forest, view, lookout, enjoying, smiling, nice, wonderful, wondrous, sea voyage, sunshine, beach, holiday, hotel, pool, twilight, hugging, true love, true feelings, emotions, hearts, love is in the air, snow, snowman, mountains, fresh air, crystal clear, Christmas, seasons, season, deer, evening, morning, night, moonlight, under the stars, holding hands, complete, life, satisfied, reunion, forgiveness, healing, bonding, spiritually, Heartwarming, Flowing, Ethereal, Tender, Heartening, Graceful, Beautiful, Light, Melancholic, Mellow, Peaceful, Swirling, Meditative, Bright, Elegant, Careful, Caring Styles Relaxing, atmospheric, chillout, instrumental, dreamy, emotional, beautiful feeling, view, world, romantic Med Slow 95 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Bass, Percussion, Sampler, Strings, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Atmospheric, Beautiful, Bright, Carefree, Cheerful, Delicate, Delighted, Dreamy, Elated, Emotional, Ethereal, Flowing, Forgiving, Friendly, Happy, Heartwarming, Hopeful, Innocent, Serene, Thoughtful
Commercial / Promo, Corporate, Nature, New Age, News / Investigative, Romantic New Love, Slow Motion, Spa & Relaxation, Time-lapse, Travel Channel

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