Clinging to tomorrow by Jeff Whitcher

Dramatic Heartwarming Music
This heartwarming, tender underscore music gently takes off with a tender pulse and swells into a moving, hopeful rhythm with a gentle breakbeat groove. Lush, silky strings and soulful textures paint an aural soundscape of intelligent achievement and thoughtful emotion. Grab that brass ring.
warm inspiring heartfelt romantic love scene orchestral film score motivational uplifting moving timeless gentle childlike romance motivating tender documentary
emotional, emotion, hope, hopeful, happy, childlike, innocent, cinematic, easy, flowing, melancholy, mood, moody, indie, film, documentary, beautiful, ambient, acoustic, honest, delicate, drama, feel, good, dramatic, movie, soundtrack, movie, score, film, background, music, reflective, thoughtful, uplifting, documentary, TV, movies, longing, thinking, children, contemplating, contemplation, decisions, decide, thought, provoking, feeling, feelings, pondering, refection, reflect, reflecting, time, passing, passes, law, medical, doctors, nurses, changes, new, renew, beginning, help, helping, helpful, save, saving, lives, living, summer, romance, Paris, fall, spring, journey, solitude, alone, peaceful, peace, tranquil, serene, love, wedding, wish, wishes, waiting, background, acoustic, guitar, strings, orchestral, new age, romantic, heartfelt, traveling, history, training, endurance, overcoming, underdog, rising, attaining, victory, finishing Med Slow 85 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Sampler, Strings, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Atmospheric, Beautiful, Bright, Caring, Climactic, Determined, Dramatic, Driving, Elated, Friendly, Heartwarming, Hopeful, Loving, Moving, Positive, Sweeping, Warm, Whimsical, Wholesome, Wondrous
Commercial / Promo, Documentary, Dramatic Soundtrack, Family / After School, Forward Motion Music, Infomercial, Radio Production, Romantic Drama, Sports / Competition, Travel Channel

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