Breathe in the light by Jeff Whitcher

New Age New Age Electronic
This heartwarming music is crafted with a tender, gentle piano melody, tasty percussion, warm strings and beautiful, subdued choir vocals, and delicate synths and drums. The vibe is emotional and uplifting; soaring to new heights. One can achieve their dreams and reach the summit. Hope prevails.
tranquillity restfulness composure contentment serenity peacefulness peace relationship liaison attachment amour passion content contented carefree uplifting
building, travel, channel, NASA, new car, commercial, endurance, motivational, opening, intro, closing, film credits, sports, fitness, cinematic, pop, romantic, Apple, science, breakthrough, soundtrack, Film Score, Trailer, upbeat and positive, optimistic tone, flowing, delicate, warm, space, floating, dreamy, upbeat, corporate, hi tech, technology, dramatic, lively dramatic, modern, contemporary, next gen, flying, racing, drama, youth, youthful, exciting, soaring, stirring, warm hearted, corporate, advertisement, corporation, passionate, information, nova, frontline, shopping, grooving, groovy, groove, friendship, friends, landscapes, passion, romance, world, news, reel, news-reel, catchy, medicine, remedy, discovery, national geographic, brand, branding, YouTube, contemporary, modern, sound track, new age, Yanni, Enya, delicate, family, new product, launch, love, happiness, home, house, togetherness, romance, John Tesh, The Wave, cellular phone Slow 76 Instrumental
Drums, Percussion, Piano, Sampler, Strings, Synthesizer, Choir
Atmospheric, Cheerful, Comforting, Delicate, Dreamy, Elegant, Emotional, Ethereal, Flowing, Forgiving, Friendly, Graceful, Happy, Heartwarming, Heavenly, Hopeful, Innocent, Spacious, Thankful, Wholesome
Commercial / Promo, Documentary, Film Instrumental, New Age, Romantic Passion, Soundscape, Spa & Relaxation, Sports / Yoga, Travel Channel, TV Instrumental

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