A diary of regrets by Jeff Whitcher

Dramatic Sad Music
Heartbroken and alone, this tender, emotional underscore weaves haunting instruments to create a heartfelt cue of loss and sadness. Gentle nylon string guitar, lush strings, and elegant instruments craft the mood. The heartache burns to the deepest part of the soul. Sorrow and anguish pour forth.
cinematic hybrid sorrowful somber crying ache struggle misery deserted poignant inner conflict deep depressed ailing mournful sacrifice charity ads aching
goodbye, good-bye, romance, romantic, sparse, broken, despair, eerie, crutches, salvation, waiting room, breakups, moving, fragile, toughness, suffered, devastation, wasted, uncertain, pray, terrible, breakdown, solemn, brittle, delicate, humiliated, devastated, brokenhearted, unattended, unaided, desolate, private, gone, away, departed, forgotten, deceased, defunct, late, abandoned, forlorn, forsaken, unfortunate, foundation, documentary, documentary-film, infomercial, informercial-video, informercial-film, informercial-dvd, school, training-video, medical, cancer, diseased, unwell, invalid, ill, infirmary, hospital, weep, lament, trouble, fret, alarm, remedy, desperate, miserable, piteous, instrumental, background, foundation, broadcast, filmmusic, advertising, trailer, movietrack, feature, film, filmfestival, heartbroken, tragedy, tragic, music, heartbroken, split-up, divorce, break-up, theatre, drama, dramatic, misery, suffer, waiting-room Slow 72 Instrumental
Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Strings, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Anguished, Bittersweet, Emotional, Heartbroken, Hopeless, Lonely, Mournful, Moving, Painful, Sad, Sensitive, Soft, Solemn, Somber, Sorry, Tender, Thoughtful, Touching, Tragic, Worried
Documentary, Drama / 30-Something, Drama / Mature, Dramatic Soundtrack, Film Instrumental, New Age, Romantic Breakup, Section / Credits, Tragedy, TV Instrumental


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