Echo, Bravo, Foxtrot by Jeff Whitcher

Impending Electronic
Special Forces military suspense and intrigue crafted with synths, samples, ominous strings, and tense percussion. This looming dramatic track weaves its musical suspense as everyone stalks through the night and moves into position for the big showdown. Black Ops team on a treacherous mission.
High Tech Techno Espionage Movie Trailer Terror Cell Adventure Security Surveillance Undercover Danger Crime Spy Stakeout Takedown Covert Sneaky Sneaking Hunt
Washington D.C., position of power, ruthless, politician, scheming, imprisoned, revenge, intrigue, criminal, Sean Callery, sabotage, Cold, War, tension, conflict, Day of the Jackal, militant, code name, kidnap, execution, firing squad, passport, bodyguards, Bourne, Ultimatum, soldier, Foreign, Correspondent, conspiracy, CSI, crime, drama, Subversive, Skyfall, Revolt, SWAT, Serial, Killer, Police, Cops, Felony, Bomber, Sedition, Sabotage, Hijacker, Treason, Treachery, Threat, Commando, FBI, James, Bond, 007, Mafia, Rebels, Ninja, Assassin, Navy, SEAL, Intrigue, CIA, Mission, Impossible, Covert, Homeland, Security, Insurgent, CSI, Precision, Gang, Mob, Las Vegas, Blake Neely, Revenge, cyber, terrorist, cia, computer, nsa, fbi, police, clue, espionage, spy, secret, laboratory, suspense, technology, tension, terrorism, trap, murder, criminal, cold, case, dna, night vision, emergency, rescue, viruses, disease, chemical, war, MI5, MI6, 24, double agent Med Slow 88 Instrumental
Drums, Percussion, Sampler, Strings, Synthesizer, Electronics, Keyboard
Adventurous, Anticipating, Cautious, Confrontational, Dangerous, Dramatic, Edgy, Foreboding, Mysterious, Ominous, Pulsating, Secretive, Serious, Sinister, Stirring, Suspenseful, Suspicious, Tension, Thrilling, Vengeful
Chase Scene, Crime in Progress, Film Instrumental, High Tech, Law & Crime, Military, Movie Trailer, Mystery, News / Investigative, TV Instrumental

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