Trailer Maximus – When The Machines Awaken by Jeff Whitcher

Action Adventure Trail
Impending ElectroOrch
This hybrid orchestral cue kicks off with haunting percussion and ominous synths. Things kick into gear with explosive brass stabs and more rhythmic, energetic percussion and drums as tasty samples, strings, and dangerous, edgy guitars are added to heighten the powerful underscore. Prepare for war!
epic hollywood powerful trailer serious determined action intense anticipation builds heroic thriller cinematic glory triumphant flying dramatic heroes powerful
Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, John Powell, battle, war, warriors, fighting, trailer, teaser, striking, cinema, hanz zimmer, gladiator, heated, hot, confrontation, builds, rhythmic, Rome, emperor, music, soundtrack, underscore, score, filmscore, hard, rough, severe, riding, horses, battlefield, dangerous, danger, invasion, soldiers, military, forces, rich, fast, intensive, strings, impact, sci-fi, rage, fierce, attack, brass, horns, violins, orchestral, hybrid, upcoming, serious, loud, suffering, tanks, weapon, aggressive, power, energy, mad, insane, crazy, punchy, noble, epical, plot, dramatic, highly, extreme, hectic, furious, tense, solid, energetic, violence, violent, rude, rage, high speed, bold, strenuous, stressful, death, knights, swords, weaponry, explosive, sports, training, shooting, robots, aliens, ships, space, planets, monsters, creatures, squadron, team, fiery, emotional, climactic, climax, engagement, armies, army, battalion, warrior Medium 122 Instrumental
Drums, Electric Guitar, Horns, Percussion, Sampler, Strings, Synthesizer
Adventurous, Aggressive, Anticipating, Bold, Brave, Building, Climactic, Determined, Dramatic, Dynamic, Emotional, Escalating, Forceful, Glorious, Heroic, Noble, Passionate, Powerful, Strong, Thrilling
Action Adventure, Commercial / Promo, Fighting, Film Instrumental, Military, Movie Trailer, Sci-Fi / Aliens, Sci-Fi / Robots, Sports / Extreme, TV Instrumental

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