Lelvu Demau by Jeff Whitcher

New age meditation

Lie back and allow all the tension & stress to gently flow from your body. Empty your mind & slip peacefully into a blissful state of calm relaxation. Delicate, tranquil sounds & tones softly glide forth as you breathe deeply & drift into soothing, pastoral, tranquility. Yoga meditation so sublime.
flowing flying calm leisure spa sauna trance massage balance well-being freely esprit sensuality chill out body yoga relax meditation zen garden the wave
empathetic, insightful, perceptive, moony, dreamy, dreamily, coltish, playful, moving, evocative, brilliant, glossy, sanguine, healing, health, wholesomeness, satisfaction, hypnosis, heavenly, superlunary, ethereal, celestial, freedom, loose, mind, psyche, rest, amorous, sensual, tantra, tao, tender, caress, joint, cannabis, affectionate, endearment, fondle, tenderly, endearing, meeting, heart, singing, bowl, heal, soul, tangency, touch, delicate, sensitive, love, tangentially, tangible, longing, yearning, nostalgia, kamasutra, animal, children, butterfly, water, sea, ocean, fish, stream, flower, heaven, moon, sun, lake, swim, calm, calmness, serenity, aplomb, composure, dispassionate, equanimity, sedate, feelings, security, feel, secure, safe, cheerful, festive, blithesome, natural, joy, joyous, jolly, merrily, nature, merry, thankfulness, gratitude, gratefulness, spiritual, spirituality, divine, humbleness, oneness, freedom, existence, let go Slow 63 Instrumental
Computer, Sampler, Synthesizer, Electronics, Keyboard
Atmospheric, Calm, Delicate, Flowing, Meditative, Sensitive, Serene, Soaring, Soft, Soothing, Spacious, Sublime, Subtle, Sweet, Tender, Touching, Tranquil, Warm, Wholesome, Wondrous
Documentary, Infomercial, Nature, New Age, Restaurant, Romantic New Love, Soundscape, Spa & Relaxation, Sports / Yoga, Travel Channel

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