With childlike imagination by Jeff Whitcher

Electronic Music Electropop
Tender synths & samples with a warm, uplifting, innocent vibe create this underscore music. Beautiful light and airy electronica in the style of Jon Hopkins, Air, Royksopp, Boards of Canada, Zero 7, Ulrich Schnauss. A heartwarming cue with charm & a wink, this tune gently crafts an aural smile.
nature natural wholesome pure purity tv commercial documentary health happiness vitality rested uplifted refreshed refreshing glowing radiant chilled new car
exuberant, family, love, loving, together, soulful, bonding, clouds, sky, heavens, air, elevated, flying, service, walking tempo, unique, odd, quirky, Kids, Children, Easy, Fun, Carefree, Family, Playground, School, Health, Bliss, Simple, funny, Safety, Security, Insurance, Comfortable, personal finances, commercial, independence, ad, happy, bright, every day, cheerful, happy, playful, uplifting, sweet, positive, optimistic, light, joyful motivation, modern, driving, uptempo happy, feelgood, bright, driving, high energy, upbeat, melodic, cool, sexy, House Music, Europe, bar, club, Vacation, Holiday, Flirting, Dating, Presentation, Marketing, Sale, Background Music, Instrumental, Electronica, light, positive, elegant, erotic, bright, adventure, proud, urban, confident, modern, success, c64, commodore, 90ies, console, games, famicon, nintendo, amiga, sega, computer, pc, techno, electronica, goodness, wholesomeness, friendship, romance, romantic Med Slow 87 Instrumental
Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Beautiful, Cheerful, Delicate, Joyful, Light, Loving, Magical, Peaceful, Playful, Positive, Romantic, Sentimental, Sweet, Tender, Thankful, Touching, Tranquil, Uplifting, Warm, Whimsical
Commercial / Promo, Corporate, Documentary, Film Instrumental, Infomercial, Lullaby for Baby, New Age, Radio Production, Romantic Comedy, TV Instrumental

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