In case of emergency break the glass by Jeff Whitcher

Electronic Breakbeat
Kick in the nitrous, lock and load, pedal to the metal, bust out and break free! This powerful, adrenaline-fueled track is inspired by the styles Fluke, The Crystal Method, and The Chemical Brothers. Edgy, ballsy, and thrilling, this cue is perfect for a new car commercial or a chase sequence.
Acid House Club Lounge Rave Corporate Advert High Tech Aggressive Suspenseful Exciting Techno Determined Action running escaping evasive bank robbery heist EDM
Endurance, sports, car chase, carchase, fight scene, chase scene, fighting, funky, dance, dancing, club, bar, pub, cops, police, takedown, military, action, adventure, highest, The Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim, Leftfield, Big Beat, The Name Of The Game, Tropic Thunder, The Matrix, Kill Bill, Tarantino, big beat, hardcore, rated, hard core, techno, determined, aggressive, aggression, dominant, forceful, powerful, angry, grit, most, gritty, battle, fight, fighting, combat, brawling, wrestling, sports, extreme sports, destruction, rough, tough, bully, nasty, funky, bitchy, crunk, energetic, energy, violent, violence, car race, car racing, modern war, modern warfare, high tech war, high tech warfare, motorsports, motorsport, motor sports, motor sport, race track, vengeful, unfriendly, popular, balls, ballsy, men and motors, men & motors, guts, gutsy, power, powerful, power cars, product launch, youthful, young, rocking out, bump and grind, pumping Med Fast 130 Instrumental
Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Bold, Escalating, Excited, Flirtatious, Frisky, Funky, Groovy, Lively, Optimistic, Powerful, Raw, Rebellious, Repetitive, Rhythmic, Street-Smart, Suggestive, Thrilling, Tough, Uplifting, Wicked
Action Thriller, Club / Bar / Lounge, Commercial / Promo, Crime in Progress, Dance / Night Club, Dance / Rave, Film Instrumental, Radio Production, Sports / Extreme, TV Instrumental

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