The black dahlia by Jeff Whitcher

Dangerous Mysterious Music
This Jerry Goldsmith inspired cue is crafted with a delicate, haunting piano motif, supported by lush, warm strings. An homage to the classic black and white film noir genre. A body has been discovered in the Hollywood hills. The press is eager for a story as our detectives begin to investigate.
Desire Lust Guilty Pleasures Intrigue Mystery Suspense Erotic Horror Murder Dreamy Murder Forensic Black Widow Hannibal Lecter Killer Stalker Rapist
Nymphomaniac, Temptation, Lady Of The Evening, Femme Fatale, Temptress, Sharon Stone Michael Douglas, Enchantment, Wanton, Seduce, popular, Carnal, Voluptuous, Sexual, Sultry, Steamy, Arousal, Attraction, Ad, Advertisement, Bazaar, Broadcast, Cable, Commercial, best, Corporate, Bernard Herrmann, Film, Game, Greeting, Card, Promo, Radio, Ringtone, Television, Theater, TV, Website, Stalker, Investigation, Detective, Private, Eye, Desire, Lust, Intrigue, Forbidden, Love, Hidden, Lifetime, Movie, Forensic, CSI, highest, Midnight, Seduce, Bazaar, Broadcast, Cable, Commercial, Convention, Video, Mystery, Thriller, Intrigue, Haunting, Basic, Instinct, Criminal, Scorned, Betrayal, Revenge, Vengeance, Lonely, Rated, Intriguing, Serial Killer, Gumshoe, neo-noir, alluring, flirtatious, ravenous, diabolical, scheming, brooding, planning, investigative, psychological, compelling, spooky, passionate, stalker, Rear Window, Peeping Tom, Jerry Goldsmith Slow 76 Instrumental
Contra-bass, Cello, Piano, Sampler, Viola, Violin
Alluring, Apprehensive, Confused, Creepy, Dangerous, Dark, Disturbing, Dramatic, Eerie, Evil, Foreboding, Haunting, Mischievous, Mysterious, Ominous, Passionate, Scary, Sinister, Strange, Tension
Crime in Progress, Film Noir, Film Theme Song, Horror / General, Law & Crime, Psychological Thriller, Romantic Drama, Romantic Passion, Sci-Fi / Psychological, TV Theme Song

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