Sorrow and loss 01 by Jeff Whitcher

Dramatic Sad Music
A tender moment a tearful goodbye?a broken heart?a mother?s sorrow. A gentle piano lulls a simple melody over weeping, silky strings. I look in your eyes and know that we shall never see one another again. This is good bye and this is forever. “I’m sorry, but, your boy didn’t make it.”
Sad sadness lonely heartache love lovely tender gentle loss losing aching grief death funeral dying died
Film score, TV score, television, score, commercial, hybrid, underscore, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, CSI, NCIS, mini series, movie of the week, cinematic, filmscore, soundtrack, movie trailer, tense, dramatic, new car, commercial, broadcast, reality, drama, investigative, prime time, soundtrack, BBC, dramatic, under score, hospital scene, bedside scene, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, child, son, daughter, mother, father, police, drama, hospital, bad, news, Emergency, ER, Emergency Room, hospital bed, hospital room, doctor’s office, diagnosis, medical, treatment, cancer, terminal, malignant, hopeless, AMC, USA Network, Arrow, Flash, Teen, unrequited, saying goodbye, so long, deployment, deployed, journey, montage, break up, empty house, broken home, episodic, procedural Slow 64 Instrumental Piano, Strings
Accepting, Bittersweet, Climactic, Contemplative, Depressed, Dramatic, Emotional, Flowing, Forgiving, Heartbroken, Helpless, Hopeless, Lonely, Longing, Loving, Melancholic, Mournful, Painful, Sad, Touching
Ballad, Drama / 30-Something, Drama / Mature, Dramatic Soundtrack, Law & Crime, Medical Drama, Romantic Drama, Section / Credits, Section / Opening, Tragedy

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