We need to understand by Jeff Whitcher

New Age
Zen, Yoda, Meditation
An ethereal, emotional soundscape crafted with a longing, sorrowful pad, a tender motif, and delicate samples and tones. This underscore music lays softly under the scene, gently floating as it provides emotional support. A moment frozen in time. A surreal montage; the world going slow motion.
Drama Dramatic Psychotic Neurotic Anguish Sorrow Grief Darkness Horrifying Evil Lurking Tormented Demented Abstract Heartbroken Heart Wrenching Loss Sorrow
Slow Motion, Death Scene, Death Sequence, Time Stands Still, Time Stops, CSI, NCIS, aftermath, crime scene, police, cops, hospital, medicine, medical, crying, cries, tears, loss, touching, tender, emotional, funeral, bedside, death, dying, solitude, isolation, hypnotic, claustrophobic, isolated, twisted, strange, unusual, ambient, atmospheric, textures, textured, darkness, terrifying, terrified, horrified, horror, psychological, darkened, ambivalent, malevolent, vengeance, revenge, torturous, tortured, haunted, haunting, possessed, possession, spirits, demons, demonic, powerful, emotions, nightmare, dreams, dreamy, vision, quest, afterlife, after life, etherial, madness, descending, denial, bereavement, anger, frustration, lost, coroner, madman, thriller, dramatization, netflix, cable, broadcast, prime time, procedural, movie, film, television, tv, hybrid, score, scoring, Brian Kirk, Blake Neely, Joseph Bishara, Ramin, Djawadi, Sean Callery, dead Slow 79 Instrumental
Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Abstract, Anguished, Atmospheric, Beautiful, Calm, Cold, Contemplative, Defeated, Dreamy, Emotional, Forgiving, Heartbroken, Inquisitive, Romantic, Sad, Serene, Shimmering, Smooth, Thinking, Worried
Documentary, Dramatic Soundtrack, Film Instrumental, Movie Trailer, News / Investigative, Romantic Drama, Soundscape, Time-lapse, Tragedy, TV Instrumental

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