Pop the razzi by Jeff Whitcher

Hip Hop Trip Hop
This sexy, mysterious trip-hop groove is crafted with an ominous, driving synth bass, haunting synths, and foreboding samples. Inspired by the genius artistry of Trent Reznor, Cliff Martinez, & Massive Attack, this trip hop beat will underscore a scene of intrigue with sultry suspense and tension.
triphop trip hop break beat chillout chill out chill-out down tempo laid back grooving psychological thriller main titles opening credits theme song tense funky
youthful, young, rocking out, bump and grind, pumping, chilled, chilling, bank heist, robbery, stealing, downloading, data files, stalking, stalker, hunter, hunting, love scene, subdued, hiphop, hip hop, cruising, under score, dramatic, menacing, confrontational, vengeful, revenge, Fatboy Slim, moody, urban, street-smart, street smart, pensive, hypnotic, trance, electronic, hostile, takeover, battle plans, prepare, preparing, call to arms, call to action, underground, basement, plotting, planning, scheming, apprehensive, cautious, caution, questioning, puzzling, sneaky, sneaking, covert, ambient lab, forensics, science, corporate, ad campaign, new car, commercial, product launch, promotion, promotional, investigation, gambling, gamble, card sharks, thugs, bad guys, cruise, night, city, streets, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, procedural, seductive, seduction, strip tease, teasing, seduce, seducing, playful, playing, flirty, flirtatious Med Slow 86 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Electronics, Keyboard
Abstract, Alluring, Apprehensive, Cautious, Contemplative, Dangerous, Dark, Edgy, Eerie, Mysterious, Sensual, Sexy, Sinister, Sneaky, Sparse, Street-Smart, Suspenseful, Tension, Trance, Wondrous
Crime in Progress, Dramatic Soundtrack, Espionage, Film Instrumental, Film Theme Song, Mystery, News / Investigative, Psychological Thriller, TV Instrumental, TV Theme Song

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