Emotional vacuum by Jeff Whitcher

Contemplative Music
A trip-hop groove with a slightly foreboding motif – a main title sequence? an opening credits roll? a contemplative, underscore montage? Portishead crossed with Massive Attack & seasoned with Thomas Newman and Cliff Martinez. Driving and grooving. Sound designed samples, percussion, and tones.
House M. D. medical show hospital drama ER medicine nurse doctor titles theme song evocative emotive trip-hop cop show thriller crime TV black hat vigilante
soundtrack, electronic, atmospheric, trip hop, commercial, advertisement, corporate branding, frontline, pbs, abc, nbc, cbs, cnn, c-span, bbc, world news, discovery, nat-geo, YouTube, FOX, AMC, A&E, USA Network, contemporary, Netflix, modern, 2000s, dramatic soundtrack, sound track, filmscore, film, score, underscore, background, intelligent, clever, mtv, reality tv, soundscape, credits, emotions, emotional drama, TV, cry, crying, tear, tears, teardrop, seminar, laidback, chill, repetitive, high tech, technology, examination, math, science, 30-yrolds, 40-yr-olds, adult, contemporary, dramatic, cultural, museum, learning, public broadcasting, broadcast, mysterious, informational, informative, reality television, real, critical, emergency room, er, critical condition, deceased, lonely, regret, regretful, loss, operating, operation, ambulance, detective, homicide, crime, criminal, law, order, police, cop, detective Slow 77 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Atmospheric, Bittersweet, Climactic, Dramatic, Elegant, Heavy, Honest, Hypnotic, Intelligent, Majestic, Mysterious, Pensive, Questioning, Reflective, Sedate, Simple, Slow, Sophisticated, Suspenseful, Thinking
Commercial / Promo, Film Instrumental, Law & Crime, Medical Drama, Mystery, News / Investigative, Section / Credits, Section / Opening, TV Instrumental, TV Theme Song



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