Psychological torment 01 by Jeff Whitcher

Dangerous Edgy Music
Alone with his thoughts, the antagonist plots & schemes. This edgy, dark, & tense track uses traditional & sound designed percussion, processed strings, synths, guitar, & samples to craft an uneasy, foreboding cue. Mental anguish & voices in his head… what secret lies within? Stems available!
Thriller horror shocking suspenseful suspense crime crime drama crime investigation cop show murder drama crime scene drama dramatic lair
Film, score, TV, score, television, score, commercial, hybrid, underscore, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, BBC, cinematic, filmscore, soundtrack, terrifying, percussive, creepy, creeping, eerie, movie, trailer, dark, drama., dramatic, new car, commercial, evil, broadcast, exciting, modern, thrilling, reality, drama, investigative, prime time, intense, Ramin Djawadi, stalk, stalker, serial, kill, killer, monster, fright, frightened, terrorizing, terror, terrified, chilling, spine, tingling, CSI, NCIS, Mystery, mysterious, brooding, plotting, victim, prey, Gotham, Criminal Minds, Hannibal, serial drama, Cliff Martinez, Clint Mansell, Requiem, Arrow, Flash, darkness, crafty, evading, evade, twisted, psychological, horrific, investigation, investigate, terrify, hallway, dungeon, chamber, tortured, torture, anguish, anguished, torment, tormented, basement, hospital, abandoned, AMC, USA Network, night time, serial Slow 80 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Abstract, Anguished, Atmospheric, Bizarre, Climactic, Confused, Creepy, Dangerous, Dark, Depressed, Disturbing, Dramatic, Dreadful, Edgy, Evil, Foreboding, Haunting, Intense, Menacing, Suspenseful
Action Thriller, Drama / 20-Something, Drama / 30-Something, Dramatic Soundtrack, Hollywood, Horror / General, Law & Crime, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Requiem

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