Favor the quiet darkness by Jeff Whitcher

Dangerous Edgy Music
The detectives begin their investigation. For their suspect, it’s a game of cat & mouse. This eerie cue underscores a slow, tense situation: a dimly lit street, an abandoned warehouse, a dilapidated structure with winding hallways. This track is crafted with sound designed samples and percussion.
crime cop police caper stalking stalker investigative evidence tension dramatic building terrifying horrifying situational drama creepy tip toe flashlight dark
CSI, NCIS, Dexter, Arrow, Flash, The Walking Dead, Sean Callery, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Network, BBC, A&E, AMC, Netflix, Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, cable, TV, television, movie, film, walking, hunting, hunter, prey, serial, killer, criminal, intent, court, reporting, horrified, terrified, Bloodline, The Fall The Missing, Damages, The Killing, secrets, revenge, vengeance, plot, twisted, Amazon, FX Network, unsolved mysteries, investigative journalism, main titles, opening credits, scheming, planning, stalking, stalker, procedural drama, edgy drama, dark drama Slow 68 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Dangerous, Dark, Disturbing, Dramatic, Edgy, Eerie, Escalating, Fearful, Foreboding, Haunting, Menacing, Mysterious, Ominous, Sinister, Suspenseful, Suspicious, Tension, Terror, Wicked, Worried
Crime in Progress, Espionage, Film Noir, Horror / General, Law & Crime, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Requiem, Sci-Fi / Paranormal, Sci-Fi / Psychological

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