Someone is following me by Jeff Whitcher

Dangerous Apprehensive Music
A dark psychological thriller – opening credits. Walking home at night and someone is following behind in the shadows. The cops return to the scene of the crime. A detective plants evidence to frame someone. This cue’s haunting vibe is crafted with sound design percussion and tasteful samples.
mystery haunted horror twisted bent tense creepy cop police detective drama crime caper sleuth hunter prey stalking stalker seriel killer suspenseful looming
ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Network, FX, BBC, Netflix, cable, film, movie, TV, television, soundtrack, hybrid, underscore, music, Thomas Newman, Sean Callery, Cliff Martinez, Steven Soderbergh, prime time, Castle, Arrow, Flash, revenge, dirty, heartless, Gone Girl, femme fatale, black widow, insane, insanity, crazy, raw, edge, pondering, thinking, planning, lair, captured, torture, anguished, scheming, planning, brooding, FX Network, AMC, A&E, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Amazon, main titles, opening credits, psychotic, procedural, episodic, unsolved mysteries, investigative, journalism, CSI, NCIS, Criminal Intent, True Detectives Med Slow 99 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Abstract, Anguished, Apprehensive, Cautious, Cold, Creepy, Dangerous, Dark, Depressed, Dramatic, Edgy, Evil, Fearful, Foreboding, Hypnotic, Mysterious, Ominous, Scared, Tension, Vengeful
Action Thriller, Crime in Progress, Drama / Mature, Dramatic Soundtrack, Espionage, Horror / General, Law & Crime, Psychological Thriller, Section / Credits, Section / Opening

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