Tales of warmth and cynicism by Jeff Whitcher

Dark Music Clock Music
Pulsing and edgy, demented and strange, this throbbing underscore cue weaves a mysterious and haunting soundscape. A psychotic, deranged lunatic slowly stalks their next victim. A frantic explosives expert races against the clock to diffuse the bomb. A ticking clock is a merciless threat.
hack the files download the data relentless urgent urgency hurry hurried threatening dark dangerous spooky creepy eerie pulsing pulsating tick tock crime scene
Thoughtful, pensive, uncertain, inquisitive, snooping, evidence, searching, Dramatic, investigative, corporate, curious, crime, intrigue, CSI, sneaky, subtle, hiding, fugitive, detective, forensic, Anticipating, Cautious, Contemplative, Determined, Hypnotic, Inquisitive, Mysterious, Pensive, Purposeful, Questioning, Rhythmic, Tension, Creepy, Apprehensive, Atmospheric, Dangerous, Disturbing, Dramatic, Eerie, Evil, Foreboding, Haunting, Menacing, NCIS, Ominous, Scary, Tension, Criminals, Bad Guys, Lair, Hideout, bad vibes, chilling, dread, fear, premonition, Dangerous, Disturbing, Escalating, Evil, Foreboding, Mean, Menacing, Ominous, Scary, Tension, Vengeful, Wicked, Action, Adventure, Action, Thriller, Chase Scene, Espionage, Horror, Military, Movie, Trailer, Sci-Fi, The Dark, Investigative, Crime, Scene, Heavy, Tension, Crime Lab, Unsolved, Warped, Evil, Satanic, Stalker, Home, Invasion, Forest, Stalking, hunter, hunting, scheming, weird Med Slow 80 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Atmospheric, Cold, Dangerous, Dark, Depressed, Disturbing, Dramatic, Droning, Edgy, Evil, Foreboding, Haunting, Hypnotic, Ominous, Scary, Suspenseful, Suspicious, Tension, Terror, Worried
Action Thriller, Chase Scene, Crime in Progress, Espionage, Film Instrumental, High Tech, Law & Crime, Mystery, News / Investigative, TV Instrumental

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