As vacuous as they come by Jeff Whitcher

Dramatic Dramatic Chase
An eerie, ominous underscore cue, crafted with samples, synths, sound design percussion, and strange, foreboding strings, this music elevates the mystery and tension on the screen. Footsteps following close behind in the dark. Driving through the dimly lit streets, hunting for unsuspecting prey.
hack the files download the data relentless urgent urgency hurry hurried threatening dark dangerous spooky creepy eerie pulsing pulsating tick tock crime scene
Thoughtful, pensive, uncertain, inquisitive, snooping, evidence, searching, Dramatic, investigative, corporate, curious, crime, intrigue, CSI, sneaky, subtle, hiding, fugitive, detective, forensic, Anticipating, Cautious, Contemplative, Determined, Hypnotic, Inquisitive, Mysterious, Pensive, Purposeful, Questioning, Rhythmic, Tension, Creepy, Apprehensive, Atmospheric, Dangerous, Disturbing, Dramatic, Eerie, Evil, Foreboding, Haunting, Menacing, NCIS, Ominous, Scary, Tension, Criminals, Bad Guys, Lair, Hideout, bad vibes, chilling, dread, fear, premonition, Dangerous, Disturbing, Escalating, Evil, Foreboding, Mean, Menacing, Ominous, Scary, Tension, Vengeful, Wicked, Action, Adventure, Action, Thriller, Chase Scene, Espionage, Horror, Military, Movie, Trailer, Sci-Fi, The Dark, Investigative, Crime, Scene, Heavy, Tension, Crime Lab, Unsolved, Warped, Evil, Satanic, Stalker, Home, Invasion, Forest, Stalking, hunter, hunting, scheming, weird Med Slow 86 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Percussion, Sampler, Strings, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Atmospheric, Cold, Dangerous, Dark, Depressed, Disturbing, Dramatic, Droning, Edgy, Evil, Foreboding, Haunting, Hypnotic, Ominous, Scary, Suspenseful, Suspicious, Tension, Terror, Worried
Action Thriller, Chase Scene, Crime in Progress, Espionage, Film Instrumental, High Tech, Law & Crime, Mystery, News / Investigative, TV Instrumental

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