Delicate ambiguity by Jeff Whitcher

Dramatic Calm Hypnotic
Thomas Newman, Cliff Martinez inspired piece of underscore – a slightly haunting, lonely quality, with tonal percussion, lush strings, and dreamy piano. Being alone with one’s thoughts… the mind can venture in a myriad of different directions. Individual STEMS available for flexibility!
Mood relaxing meditative massage contemplative montage driving sequence thoughtful soul searching delicate dreaming touching longing loss sorrow
Film score, Movie score, TV score, television, score, commercial, hybrid, underscore, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, BBC, FX Network, A&E, Netflix, Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, cable, CSI, NCIS, mini series, movie, of, the, week, cinematic, filmscore, soundtrack, laid back, percussive, movie, trailer, dramatic, new, car, commercial, slightly, dark, tension, soulful, broadcast, easy, modern, thrilling, reality, drama, investigative, prime, time, bells, lonely, string, section, USA Network, AMC, Trent Reznor, Clint Mansell, Contagion, thinking, planning, brooding, Sherlock Holmes, riddle, puzzle, complex, unsolved mysteries, mysterious, plotting, formulating, psychological, main titles, opening credits, dark drama, hunting, stalker, stalking, sneaking, sneaky, tip toe, disturbed, mental, twisted, crazy, criminal, passionate Med Slow 98 Instrumental
Bells, Contra-bass, Cello, Chimes, Percussion, Piano, Viola, Violin
Abstract, Atmospheric, Beautiful, Calm, Climactic, Delicate, Dramatic, Dreamy, Elegant, Emotional, Enchanted, Ethereal, Flowing, Heartbroken, Hopeless, Innocent, Inquisitive, Lonely, Meditative, Melancholic
Drama / 30-Something, Drama / Mature, Experimental, Hollywood, Requiem, Romantic Breakup, Romantic Drama, Section / Credits, Section / Opening, Timelapse

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