A riddle vexes me so by Jeff Whitcher

Contemplative Music
Sherlock has a problem and must solve the mystery. This delicate, somewhat ambient cue paints musical colors with processed guitars, lush, dreamy string swells, and tasteful varieties of percussion and percussive tones. The enigma is perplexing yet, pondering will reveal the solution.
mystery thoughts crime caper puzzle puzzling thinking inquisitive cop police drama isolation isolated wondering dreaming contemplating studying elusive
Sean Callery, Thomas Newman, Cliff Martinez, Sherlock Holmes, Watson, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, AMC, USA Network, BBC, ad campaign, commercial, film, movie, TV, television, cable, reality program, show, Netflix, Luther, The Missing, The Fall, vexing, case, files, work, folders, clues, evidence, brooding, thinking, planning, puzzling, introspection, A&E, FX Network Med Slow 98 Instrumental
Cello, Computer, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Violin, Keyboard
Abstract, Cautious, Contemplative, Dramatic, Inquisitive, Lonely, Mysterious, Obsessive, Pensive, Questioning, Reflective, Solemn, Spacious, Strange, Suspicious, Thinking, Thoughtful, Trance, Wondrous, Worried
Drama / 30-Something, Drama / Mature, Dramatic Soundtrack, Law & Crime, Sci-Fi / Psychological, Section / Credits, Soundscape, Spa & Relaxation, Time-lapse, TV Instrumental

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