That girl is gone 01 by Jeff Whitcher

Dangerous Mysterious Music
She drives alone along the coast. Her plan is now in full swing. Her twisted, demented scheme plays out as she smiles, sinisterly. This edgy, somewhat haunting cue is crafted with sound designed tones and samples – a foreboding main title, a creepy montage, a dark piece of underscore. She is bad.
percussive tense cop crime police investigation mystery thriller anxious edgy ominous evil perplexing puzzling puzzle mysterious horrifying horror shocking
ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, FX, Network, A&E, AMC, BBC, Netflix, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, cable, prime time, drama, insane, psychological, psyche, Cliff Martinez, Trent Reznor, Gone Girl, Thomas Newman, opening credits, titles, tension, underlying, down, depressed, isolation, solitude, solitary, confinement, horrific, outlandish, outrageous, femme fatale, black widow, woman scorned, betrayal, betrayed, victim, cheating, game, ghost, spirits, haunted, possessed, possession, poltergeist, paranormal activity, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Contagion, scary, moody, planning, scheming, thinking, bizarre, terrified, Amazon, psychotic, bent, sinister, evil, maddness Med Slow 88 Instrumental
Computer, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Violin, Keyboard
Atmospheric, Dangerous, Dark, Disturbing, Dramatic, Evil, Mad, Mischievous, Mysterious, Obsessive, Ominous, Scary, Strange, Suffocated, Suspenseful, Tension, Terror, Thinking, Wicked, Worried
Action Thriller, Dramatic Soundtrack, Horror / General, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Sci-Fi / Paranormal, Sci-Fi / Psychological, Section / Credits, Section / Opening, Tragedy

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