Absence of rational thought by Jeff Whitcher

Contemplative Music
Drawing inspiration from television scores like CSI, NCIS, Criminal Intent, The Killing, True Detective, and The Fall, this thrilling and dramatic underscore weaves mystery and suspense as it develops. Ideally suited for an opening credits or main title sequence, or perhaps investigative journalism.
cops and robbers bank heist medical show law and crime whodunit investigation evidence clues suspects interrogation political thriller haunting mysterious dark
ambient, anguish, anticipation, anxious, atmospheric, castle, cautious, conspiracy, crime, crime, drama, crime, in, progress, crime-scene, dark, dramatic, edgy, eerie, true crime, fbi, fear, forensic, fringe, ghostly, goth, horror, intrigue, lab, law, and, order, medium, miami vice, murder, mysterious, mythological, news, newspaper, nightmare, ominous, paranoid, psychological, report, sci fi, sorting, evidence, sinister, spooky, suspense, suspenseful, svu, crime, unit, tense, tension, terror, the mentalist, trouble, true-crime, underscore, urban, wired, worry, worried, frightmare, home, invasion, murder, scene, sneaky, lurking, alluring, trekking, dangerous, journey, espionage, news, investigation, detective, show, opening, credits, horror, freddy, jason, elm, street, psycho, killer, dark, woods, chase, running, escaping, chasing, hiding, secretive, frightening, terrifying, powerful, energetic, bold, dynamic, tension, building, Dexter Medium 116 Instrumental
Computer, Drums, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Apprehensive, Atmospheric, Contemplative, Creepy, Dangerous, Dark, Dramatic, Edgy, Fearful, Foreboding, Ominous, Sinister, Suspenseful, Suspicious, Tension, Terror, Thinking, Thoughtful, Thrilling, Worried
Crime in Progress, Espionage, Film Theme Song, Horror / General, Law & Crime, Medical Drama, Mystery, News / Investigative, Tragedy, TV Theme Song

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