Sometimes emotionally numb by Jeff Whitcher

New Age
Zen, Yoda, Meditation
A warm, airy pad with an emotional, delicate guitar harmonic motif create a neutral soundscape. This blissful, ambient music gently evolves & floats from the speakers creating an isolated, pensive moment of pause and reflection. A slight mysterious turn at the end, resolving into a peaceful breath.
time-lapse atmospheric neutral bed documentary melodic charm positive spacey floating dreamy dreaming pensive reflective isolated quiet tender emotional clean
ambient, atmospheric, blue, calm, chillout, cold, dreamscape, dreamy, ethereal, hypnotic, landscape, memories, moody, nature, neutral, relax, relaxation, romantic, sea, sleep, slow, soundscape, space, suspended, therapy, tranquility, meditation, gorgeous, gracious, grateful, halcyon, hallucination, harmonious, heart, helpful, high, hilarious, hug, human, humane, ideal, imagination, introspective, introvert, invigorating, joyous, jubilant, lazy, lenient, lethargic, lighthearted, logical, lovable, lovely, melancholy, mild, misty, moderate, motionless, musing, neutral, nice, pastoral, patient, philosophical, placid, pleasant, pleasing, poignant, pondering, pretty, profound, radiant, rational, ravishing, reassuring, refined, reflecting, reflection, refreshing, relaxing, relieving, remote, restful, sober, still, sustaining, tired, unconscious, utopian, vague, vivacious, ambient, background, buzz, calm, chill, cinematic, circling Slow 64 Instrumental
Electric Guitar, Sampler, Synthesizer, Electronics, Keyboard
Abstract, Alluring, Atmospheric, Beautiful, Calm, Climactic, Contemplative, Deep, Delicate, Graceful, Heartwarming, Heavenly, Hypnotic, Innocent, Inquisitive, Tender, Thinking, Thoughtful, Tranquil, Wondrous
Commercial / Promo, Corporate, Documentary, Dramatic Soundtrack, Infomercial, Movie Trailer, Nature, News / Investigative, Radio Production, Travel Channel

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