Evasive Maneuvers 02 by Jeff Whitcher

Intense Electro-Orch
This aggressive, edgy, percussion-drive track underscores a frantic chase or an all-out fight sequence. After a teasing build up, the driving ostinato strings and pulsing synths provide the tension as the chaotic, sound designed percussion throttles the track forward with blistering adrenaline!
A rugged powerful track: lock and load all guns blazing fire in the hole here come the cops take the money and run grab the files and get out frantic aggressive
ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA, Network, BBC, A&E, AMC, Netflix, cable, film, movie, TV, television, underscore, soundtrack, sounds, like, soundalike, running, skiing, sky, diving, racing, chasing, fighting, endurance, marathon, extreme, xtreme, Van Damme, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, The Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible, The Expendables, Le Femme Nikita, Alias, Sean Callery, Brian Tyler, Hans Zimmer, machine guns, shoot out, helicopters, race, escape, break, out, infiltrate, hostage, jail, action, packed, intense, adrenaline, energetic, explosive, hyper, powerful, Arrow, The Flash, super hero, villain, heroic, ad, campaign, Nike, commercial, new car, adventurous, thrilling, explosions, motorcycles, skateboards, car, chase, hand to hand, combat, jungle, market, streets, action, packed, warfare, battle, invasion, storm, aerial, assault, Bruce Willis, Die Hard, Mark Isham, sports, diving, rappelling, boating, speed, force, charge Med Fast instrumental
Computer, Drums, Percussion, Sampler, Strings, Synthesizer, Keyboard
Adventurous, Aggressive, Bold, Building, Climactic, Dangerous, Dramatic, Dynamic, Edgy, Energetic, Epic, Explosive, Intense, Powerful, Rhythmic, Serious, Suspenseful, Tension, Thrilling, Vibrant
Action Thriller, Corporate, Crime in Progress, Espionage, High Tech, Law & Crime, Movie Trailer, News / Energize, Psychological Thriller, Sports / Extreme

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