Storm the compound 01 by Jeff Whitcher

Intense Electro-Orch action All teams locked and loaded and moving into position. Charges placed on the doors. Boom! This bold action cue, crafted with riveting percussion, ostinato strings, foreboding textures, and ominous horns, underscores an all-out assault. A tense breakdown in the middle, then builds to a climax! Trailer powerful cinematic epic Hollywood chase action battle mountains epic criminal passion heroes heist bank robbery glory honor strength faith shootout War, Climax, Intense, Dramatic, Aggressive, Thunderous, Sean, Callery, Desert, Car, Chase, SWAT, police, contemporary, modern, dramatic, action, adventure, best, soundtrack, sound, track, filmscore, film, score, underscore, movie, trailer, film, credits, drama, TV, Film, battle, military, campaign, warrior, rated, bedouin, selling, Thomas Newman, popular, highest, ad, campaign, corporate, branding, advert, advertising, Matrix, Hans Zimmer, action, cue, scene, battlefield, jungles, Asia, survivor, battlescene, assassin, machine, guns, tribal, cops, gladiator, Ninja, martial, arts, combat, war, fighting, indigenous, rebellion, upheaval, dark, terrifying, violent, violence, future, torture, bullet, army, samurai, industrial, futuristic, blockbuster, blood, men-in-black, main, title, opening, scene, peak, scary, excitement, dark, knight, evil, fear, scary, terror, anxiety, panic, sacrifice, excitement, apocalyptic, scared, climactic, brutal, run medium instrumental Contra-bass, Cello, Computer, Drums, Electric Guitar, Horns, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Violin, Keyboard Adventurous, Aggressive, Bold, Brave, Climactic, Confrontational, Dangerous, Dramatic, Dynamic, Edgy, Energetic, Escalating, Explosive, Forceful, Grand, Heroic, Powerful, Rhythmic, Strong, Thrilling Action Thriller, Chase Scene, Crime in Progress, Film Theme Song, Law & Crime, Military, Movie Trailer, Sci-Fi / Aliens, Sci-Fi / Robots, TV Theme Song

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