Prep the gear and move out 01 by Jeff Whitcher

Impending ElectroOrch action The team assembles for a weapons check. Lock and load, load up the truck, let’s roll. An ominous, building drive is crafted with tasteful percussion, brass stabs, guitar chunks, and various synth tones. This edgy, hybrid cue is a prelude to the assault that is sure to follow! Soldiers prepare! score underscore SWAT military cops police field agents threat assessment automatic weapons sneak stealth spy surveillance troops warriors team ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Network, BBC, AMC, M14, M16, AR15, AK47, glock, beretta, 9mm, 45, shotgun, grenades, explosives, bombs, disposal, infiltration, infiltrate, storm, compound, takedown, repel, rope, bullet proof, Mission Impossible, 24, Jack Bauer, Sydney Brystow, Le Femme Nikita, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Special Forces, Delta, Squadron, Elite, brothers, arms, armed, outfit, sniper, hunter, evade, evasive, maneuvers, drills, recon, duty, band, together, night, vision, goggles, ammunition, ammo, Sean Callery, Mark Isham, John Powell, NCIS medium instrumental Computer, Drums, Electric Guitar, Horns, Percussion, Sampler, Synthesizer, Keyboard Adventurous, Aggressive, Anticipating, Brave, Building, Climactic, Confident, Dangerous, Determined, Dramatic, Dynamic, Edgy, Escalating, Forceful, Heroic, Patriotic, Powerful, Suspenseful, Tension, Thrilling Action Adventure, Action Thriller, Crime in Progress, Dramatic Soundtrack, High Tech, Law & Crime, Military, Political, Sci-Fi / Aliens, Sci-Fi / Robots

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