Hello world!

Welcome to Newmusic.fm! This is our very first post. We believe listeners only have access to 1% of the music available out there. With Newmusic.fm you will find the other 99% left! We find the best musicians and bring it here at Newmusic.fm to be played for free!. The way it works its very simple:

1. Music needs to be hosted at Soundcloud.com and you can get an account there for free. After that, we will link your songs to our site.

2. After accepting our T&C here  https://newmusic.fm/terms-and-conditions-2/ we will offer your music for licensing giving you the opportunity to make some dough!

3.Once on Newmusic.fm, tell all your friends! Songs will have a unique web address and you’ll be able to quickly share it on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

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